Powerful Questions

Many times we come to know something as "true" and we open our mouths to say it. Practically jamming our truth down someone else's throat and we are shocked and surprised when people don't listen. They blank out. They step back. They disengage. 

That is because it is your "Truth", not theirs. Violently tell someone your "Truth" defenses will be raised. 

We forget the process we went through to get to the solid feeling of our "Truth". It was probably curated over a long period of time. Taking in many disparate pieces of evidence and facts and feelings.

Slow cooked in our subconscious and made real in front of us in the world WE live to confirm its validity. The final realisation of this incubated awareness is shocking to us "I can't believe I didn't see that all along"!

We want the world to know! We want the CEO to see the change in strategy up ahead. We want our partners to fully comprehend and act on the impact of this "Truth". We crave everyone would see the world as we do because it's right and it is true. 

Telling does not work. 

BUT what could a powerful question do?

How could that facilitate an unknown journey for the other person?

What experiences do they already have to explore about this topic? What facts, feeling and moments do they have collated that could help them incubate their own "Truth"?

Transform your "telling" into "asking" questions, not statements of facts. Help people process their own sense of the "Truth". You will find defenses will be down and real change with forward motion can occur.