People need to stop making strategic decisions based on the current capacity of their current technology.  

There is a lot of fear in small and medium businesses about the state of technology. We have not got enough. We have not chosen the right technology mix. We have not trained our team properly in how to use the technology we have. Oh god it's going to cost us soo much to get this right. The technology we crave is too expensive and too far out of reach. 

This causes us to make poor strategic decisions about capturing more revenue and reducing costs of creating value for our customers = profit. 

When current technology becomes the frame of reference for our decision-making to increase profit we are going to end up underperforming, becoming less agile and lose market share. 

How can we define a competent strategy based on a broader context of internal/external resources, marketing dynamics and customer behaviour first? Then build a business case for expanding technology capability and functionality for the new strategy. 

Change will not cost as much as it returns in profit. You are growing revenue and reducing costs and you have spent money on the right things.