Get in the zone

I am not one for overly complex documents, procedures or project plans. I prefer making the complex simple. Everyone should be able to swiftly absorb details by glancing at a project plan or architecture digram and get the guts of the thing with little explanation. 

1. Build training assets on processes supported by technology with flow diagrams not lists

2. When building a project plan use Trello to build visual based project planning that collapses complex tasks into 'cards' - use Trello labelling to colour code cards to visually track status

3. When pulling together strategic planning focus on 'zones' of thinking rather than listing out copious amounts of information - these zones can be used to direct strategic pillars to connect priorities, goals and actions

4. In order to communicate complex relationships between platforms, people and processes leave the ERD (Entity Relationship Diagram) to the developers and represent this in a very visual way that nails relationships in a logical way showing flow OR how the process achieves key objectives like Find, Win and Keep

People, Processes Platform Diagram:

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