Unmanaged complexity has achieved a lot of things throughout history. Great things! 

Most of us work in organisations that thrive on the smell of an oily rag and a lot of perspiration.

We have built systems of people, technology and outside relationships that take our services and or products to market for profit. These systems are invariably a mess! Built up over time, cobbled together with hope and a prayer. Not maliciously - it was what we had to do at the time!

We didn't have a lot of money. We had to get to the customer fast. We were stuck and couldn't fathom a big project to organise our information into one spot. 

This has lead to a few key gatekeepers put into place to monitor quality, finalise processes and keep the machine productive. They have become what I call the 'single point of failure'. You can find them when you hear "Oh wow Sam was away for 1 day and we are LOST".

Find this person and work with them to whiteboard all of their processes. Document them. Chart them. Understand the why, where, when and how.

Build a plan within your organisation to build a single source of truth so people can easily share information, automate processes as much as you can and reduce the manual burden of complexity. 

How can we wrangle complexity?

Get clear on your direction. Plan out how CHANGE can be activated in your organisation - people and processes. Activate the right technology to consolidate information, automate processes and get real time visibility on metrics that are important to your success.