Sit - Watch - Learn

Struggling to get the adoption you thought you would get from your new technology platform? Frustrustrated at how long it is taking for your users to get their heads around the basics?

May I ask a question? Have you set with 5 users for an hour at a time to watch how they use technology?

Literally park yourself in a seat next to your users and watch them. Make sure you encourage them to use what they use every day! Be humorous say things like "Be proud of your spreadsheet". Have an open dialogue about what is working and what workarounds they have invented to get their job done. 

Document what you find. You might find the things you are proud of are the things they love the most. You might also find the things you are least proud of are the things that are causing them the most grief. 

Now go back to the drawing board what improvements can be made then ask yourself what training session, fact sheet or video needs to be produced to help out.