Our world is an amazing place. We build aluminum tubes that fly us through the air. Whole cities are constructed within cruise boats for our leisure. Cars scream along roads taking us on personalised journies from A to B.

Tiny and BIG details all coming together to make a plane fly, cruise ship cruise and car drive. Devices honed over many many years of innovation and discovery about what features and functions simply 'work' together to make the impossible possible.

These devices become magical when we introduce the human flight attendant, captain, customer service professional, entertainer and driver. The device becomes truly fit for purpose. 

It's a shame that our organisations which are packed with technology, people and ideas don't have a predictable A to B scenario for success. We have much more complex ideas around our purpose, direction and have haphazard ways of solving problems and taking advantage of opportunities. Our organisations are much messier than the need to get from Sydney to Melbourne. 

What would happen if we approached technology design in organisations like a cruise ship designer approaches building a cruise ship? Strategy, planning and activation would all occur around the organisations purpose.

Everything would be focused. Decisions made within a context. Sustainability created by linking the humans in our organisation with the right technology to enable them to realise their ambitions - from the captain of the ship all the way down to the deck hand.