Are you asking questions?

Lots of people tell. Tell you what to do when. Tell you how to succeed. Tell you how to change. Tell you what you have done wrong and what you have done right.

There are plenty of spaces where permission to "tell" is implied. This blog, for instance, gives me direct permission to tell. It is my 'telling' place. When I am asked to speak on stage I have implied permission to tell. When someone asks for a recommendation they are paying me to tell. 

Change, however - REAL change can only ever occur when the individual morphs their truth around what they are told. People who are not over the age of about 2 years of age do what they are told outright. Everyone else absorbs information, rationalises it, digests it and allows their Truth to transform with new understanding. Change happens when your now transformed Truth allows you to take a step forward. 

The most powerful way to accelerate this process for people in your world is to ask questions. "I am most powerful when I am asking questions - not telling".