New Leadership

Our organisations are more complex than ever before. We try to wrangle this complexity with new project teams, communication channels, meetings, documentation, strategic planning, technology systems and reengineering teams. 

At the end of the day, all of this above is probably the right answer. 

The only issue is we try to do it all at once OR leave it unattended in organisations without a clear sense of leadership. 

I am seeing emerging within many organisations a reluctance to have real conversations. The real conversations that are missing are at times deep and at times a little confronting.

They are giving people permission to speak up about what is really not working and then someone has to have the guts to do something about it.

We need a new kind of leadership in businesses. A leadership which is self-aware and truly present in their organisations. When you are self-aware you see things for what they really are. When you are present you are in the only moment you have to impact credible change - this moment - right now. 

Everyone can be empowered to be a leader in this way. I believe being self-aware and being in the present or having presence enables real conversations and brings other people along for the ride. 

Having the real conversations about what is broken and what is working. Not a surface treatment. Opening up a deep dialogue about not only what is a stake if we don't change but how "easy" some of this "hard work" becomes when we co create for ourselves collective clarity.