Hold a space

Things not working? Difficulties seem to never disappear? Does your team feel like its stuck in the mud? Is your project team just not getting a chance to deliver? 

Have you had an opportunity to have a no BS conversation? A conversation that reeks of clarity? A dialouge that leaves no room for embellishment or invention away from the hard cold facts of the situation? 

Is this project valuable? Are we actually working on the right project? Is this project connected to the change we need? Is this Phase 2 and we have missed a Phase 1? Are we working on the wrong things? 

Stop work. Bring everyone together including the key decision makers and hold a space for a clarity inducing conversation.

Re align priorities. Get rid of team members. Bring new team members in. Kill the project. Start a new project.

Whatever is needed to see the change your organisation needs to see to reach it's goals and objectives.