Storage, transformation and revelation

Three keys to a modern and progressive society. Our ability to store information, transform it and create revelations that move us forward. 

Storage. Our ability to store information as a society in large volumes completely accessible at any time is the core of why we have achieved what we have achieved so far. 

Transform. Colliding disparate pieces of said information together to create intelligence has enabled us to cure diseases, fly machines to far flung corners of space and to unravel the immense complexity found in our genetic codes. 

Revelation. We revel in the wonders of our universe. I even get stuck in wonder at times at the most common of substances water! Revelation is afforded to us by the information we collect and transform. We transform this through the untold power of our brains that gift us consciousness (and unconsciousness).

So given this the things that are holding us back are our civilisations ability to store, transform (collide) and create revelations.

Fear or in other words the lack of information is holding us all back. More information combined in unique and wonderful ways to create revelations within all of us is the answer to a more progressive, gentler and loving global community. 

Here is a good place to start as 2016 draws to a close: LINK