Fear and Love

When the quotient of fear is higher than love in any one thing, fear will win at the end of the day.

When love conquers fear freedom is found. 

Enter into a new relationship out of fear? Fear will win. Enter it with love abundantly, love will win.

What emerges out of these two scenarios may look, taste and smell like the same thing for some of the time but the foundations are set and the future known.  

The good news is renovations can happen! You can turn a relationship from based in fear to love. All you need to do is love more! Accept. Embrace. Care. Nurture. Respect. Cultivate openness. Be ok with uncertianty. 

How is your relationship with food? With your family? Your team at work? Your relationship to time? To nature? To this world? To your future? To your past?  

Every relationship can be revolutionised. It's time to look at all of them.