Have you built an institution that can’t change? 

An institution built with change as it’s purpose. Change so important it needed a big institution that was powerful enough to move mountains.

Change occurred. Movement happened. The stuff the institution was created for resolved. Success cements success and institutions stand to remain in their place.

Immovably significant change now beckoning to be made buffets the concrete edges of the largest of our institutions. Change once at its core now does not even crack it’s surface.

Pillars of society stand looming large waiting for the next institution of change with equal or greater weight, heft and people power to topple them. 

But in doing so we simply create more and more additional establishments to counteract establishments that have gone before.

What if there was another way?

Change as: slow, messy, organic, iterative and focused on parts AND wholes (both at the same time). Change that doesn’t honour a quick fix or a magic pill. Change that takes time to be unwound.

Change that isn’t easily measured and rewarded. Change that honours balance. Curbs extremes. Gradual. Steady but intense.

In the age of now, always on and instant we need to balance our expectations of sustainable change its pace, speed and heft. It feels a lot slower in these modern times. 

We must become conscious that changing an institution for another institution further halts our progress to expand our understanding of ourselves and serve the people we believe we are called to serve.