Energy In - Energy Out

Balance matters. Especially when we are talking about the energy we consume, intake, absorb, propagate and release.

Take energy in. Move energy out. Move too much energy out into the world and into others and don't leave enough for yourself to be nourished - then handle the consequences of a fuel tank that is empty. 

Stuck on an on ramp? Halting a lane of traffic? Stalled for the night/week/month? Taking a visit to the mechanic? An emergency dash to fuel? Shut down? Stop? Rest.

Map the energy you put out and the energy you cultivate for your own sustenance. Map it as it flows throughout the day and week and month and year. Be conscious. Awake to the impact of not having balance in this integral area of your life. 

Your life force and the energy that supports it is the very basis of your existence and this body that is fueled by it. Some call it temple. Some call it fertile ground. Either way the temple needs quiet and the soil needs rest.