A sense of order, control and a framework can contribute to our progression. It can support achievement by gifting us boundaries for how to show up, what to do next and how we know when we are done. 

The world loves order, control and frameworks because they love to be safe. They also love to know if they have won as part of their race to the top.

IF you work with order, control and frameworks as an expression of an infinite game filled with many possibilities you might find you get traction in the world of zero sum games. 

In a world on a hunt for the next best thing, fame and fortune. We need to hack part of the linear game most of the people around us are playing by adopting aspects of order, control and framework for our inner journies.

Start the degree, build a profitable business and become famous (if you want). Then use these games to better understand yourself, guide others to do the same and serve your community (whoever, whatever and however big).