What we resist persists. 

What are you resisting right now? Resistance is a sure fire sign of something being just out of our vision. 

Something to work on. Something to grow into. Something to be aware of. Something to drop. Something to embrace. Something to promote. Something to heal. Something to alter. Something to shade. Something to enhance. 

Resistance leads us toward the change we are seeking.   

Resistance can show up in our anger, frustration or hate. It could show up in our freezing still, stubbornness or silence. It's generally seen when we are in full flight avoidance mode - sidestepping self awareness itself. 

1. Learn what resistance sounds/feels/smells like for you. 

2. Calm yourself. Breathe. Be aware. Be still. 

3. Ask what and why. Firstly ask what am I resisting then ask why? Based on all my past life experiences why am I resisting that?  

4. Connect the dots. If you can't yourself -  seek support. A coach, therapist or friend might be as to support you.