Are you living as the happiest version of you? 

Happiness is elusive. I don't subscribe to our cultures simplistic version of happiness as smiles and laughter. I do however subscribe to us all developing a personally defined definition of happiness. 

Mine is a bunch of things: being stretched/challeged/expanded, becoming more aware of myself and others, being in the moment, connecting with people, teaching and being taught, working on what I am good at, avoiding what I'm not, supporting others who want change for themselves and the world. 

What is your definition of happiness?  

Are you living it every day?  

If you are keep going. Increase your access to this decision by decision step by step.  

If you are not. Why? Life is waiting for you to shift your attention onto the things that really matter to you. You have all you need to start making the changes you seek. Go and reach out for support if needed. Plant seeds. Connect with a new group of people. Take some calculated risks. Live the version of you you are craving.