I have become obsessed with "How is it made" videos on YouTube. I mean obsessed. I have probably watched 100 in the last two weeks. Totally and utterly mesmerised by how we mass produce food and products.

When you watch a few of these videos you realise that each production line has similar components or processes that move the core ingredients along the line to create the final product.

Concepts such as: efficiency - economy of action - automation - pre-planning - preparation - flow - sustainability - excellence and ingenuity can be found in these clips just like hidden gems!

Mixing: Raw ingredients are combined often in very large blenders, mixers and kneaders. 

Forming: Raw ingredients after they have been combined well are formed into shapes, rolls or into containers. The ingredients take shape!

Dusting: Large troughs of an additional ingredient are dusted over the raw formed ingredients either to add additional texture or to help things not stick to the machinery. 

Spraying: Sometimes another ingredient is sprayed on top of the formed agreements either to make the surface crunchy when cooked or other ingredients added later on in the process to stick in place. 

Pre baking/Pre flaming: Par cooking is often completed before being dropped in the hot oil of a deep fryer or to pre-cook elements of the final product before a longer baking/frying. Pre flaming can develop additional flavour, texture or visible char marks. 

Baking/Frying: A longer period of cooking that finishes the product. 

Cooling: A series of concentric circle ramps which take the final product down to packaging. By the time it arrives everything is perfectly cool for packing!

Sorting: Where the product is sorted into large bins which have electronic scales attached. Just when the right weight is in the bin the floor of the bin drops the product into the packet. 

Packing: Packets are formed as the packet before it is sealed shut. Efficiency is key. Product drops in and seal shut to keep things fresh. 

Labelling: As the packet is sealed fresh a printer runs across the packet to print the batch number and best before date in one action. 

Boxing: The sealed packets are gently pushed in rhythm into a waiting carton that has been folded and glued and opened by the same machine.