Sometimes we need infections in our bodies, teams and civilizations to help us to slow down, seek balance and get support. Many a mindful moment is found whilst sick in bed let me tell you!

Next time you detect an infection ponder: 

1. How can I eliminate the cause of this infection as quickly as possible? 2. What were the conditions in the environment that allowed for this infection to take hold? 3. How can I reduce the length of recovery

Point 2. is the most important. What conditions gave rise to the likelihood of this infection breaking out?

Was the temperature too hot? Was the balance out of whack? Was there muck about? Overcrowding? Lack of resources? Reduced nourishment? Exhaustion? 

If we can get the conditions right we can not only quickly eliminate the causes of our infection but also speed up the recovery process or better yet reduce their likelihood in the future.