Virality is spontaneous and fleeting. Once the virus spreads through the system immunity kicks in and quells the insurgency against 'normal'.

Aim for virality and you'll warn the system ahead of time. Defenses will be waiting for your arrival.

Any attempt towards virality will come across to others as phony, fake and a cry for attention. 

Authenticity is the key ingredient of modern virality. Those brave souls that bare it all end up capturing all of our attention. It is rapid. Often short-lived. Quick to fade.

Authenticity when carried by repetition, due diligence, hard work, showing up repeatedly, excellence, good design, generosity and a connection to serving others can lead to fame. 

This kind of fame probably won't escalate virally in a rapid moment. It will be a slow burn that renders all who engage changed. You probably will never see where it starts or where it might end. It won't just cause attention alone. It will move things. Things will change shape. A better definition will emerge. People will do life differently.

Seek virality and get 10 seconds of fame. Live a deliberately dependable life and watch yourself change whole worlds one at a time.