Minds made up

It is not often you can truly change someone's mind. More often than not the people you are communicating with already have their minds made up (even when they say they haven't).

They have achieved this by merging past history, expectations and their own gut feelings together to form a position.

When was the last time someone helped you to change your mind? I bet you it was subtle. It was probably more aligned to hidden wants and needs being met (or not being met for that matter).

We may want to change someones mind because we have experienced something a particular way and can see anothers road up ahead. Or because our lived experience isn't matching what we are seeing others doing or saying. Our guts are fully in this game because we care.

How can you contribute to the other person's position by exploring facts, details and examples to support their own change process and contribute to their own knitting together of expectations, outcomes and gut feelings.

We can't truly change peoples minds but by God we can contribute to their process by generously sharing our lived experience. 

Secondly, how can you engage with the other persons emotions, gut feel and sub conscious to support your influence towards their change process? Look for the nuance not the obvious.

Supporting people to get in touch with their breath, bodies and movement can support their connection to this moment and to potentially what they are feeling. Reflecting back to people their feelings and connecting them to facts might also support people to engage with those parts of themselves that they can't readily hear and experience. 

You might just find out that through nuance, subtley and getting clear on reality you might just be able to help someone change how they view their context, themselves or their future.