Deliverability is very important when ordering food, sending emails and when wanting to send someone you love a gift. 

Deliverability is enhanced by technology (old and new), size of item matched to available capacity and the distance of travel (either physical or conceptual). 

In 2016 deliverability is digital. Whether you are sending a parcel or an electronic message some core rules are in play. 

Permission:  You must have permission to send a parcel if you want it delivered and at the end of the day opened! The same goes for an email or SMS. Get permission by asking. Get permission by serving up what your audience wants and needs. Maintain that permission over time - ask, profile your customers and follow the steps below. 

Personal: People crave personalisation. Personalisation that matters to their unique interests, needs and wants. Even the slightest attempt at personalisation delights people - we are not just talking about a name field merged we are talking about "Last time we spoke you said this...", "We noticed you looked at XYZ on our website here is some more information", "Last year you purchased XYZ here is the 2016 version". 

Timely: 'Just in time' 'Before I've asked' 'Before I even know I needed it!' Send something at the right time and you might just delight someone for life. They will rush to open your emails or SMSs. Opens and clicks in your email content = more deliverability next time widening the channels capacity overtime for enhance deliverability when you really need it.