Justice: Fairness, equality and respect.

We have hoodwinked ourselves that justice is simply just making the 'wrong' 'right' again - simply just the movement from one extreme to another.

But the history of the word justice has its basis in fairness, equality and respect.

The re balancing of wrong to right to a middle space of correctness, rightness and things being made just. Where both sides are treated fairly, evenly and justly. 

Justice is powerful both in its delivery and its absence.

Both of these extremes can contribute a sense of powerlessness, weakness and disconnection. BOTH in the heavy hand of justice and the total absence of any form of justice, follow through or balance.

Mighty justice or no justice at all isn't the answer - its the balance between the two.

How can you restore a sense of even handed justice to your life, in your organisations and in the world in general?

Stand for equality, balance and fairness. Restore power differentials in real time before they take over and self feed themselves. Be bold, honest and transparent when things need correcting and actively support others to do the same.