Past - Future

Often we think the future is a blank slate - full of mystery, full of potential failings and full of uncertainty. It is not as uncertain as we think. What is your past informing you about your future? 

What says the concreteness of this particular moment about the future? Is it telling us that the future unknown moments will be just as concrete? That the future could look, smell and taste just as magical as this moment here right now?

If we are in truly in the moment there is calmness, stillness and a sense of solidness. Yeah, we can expect to have this in the future also...

What about the past's influence on the future? Our present moment is a sum of all those past moments we have had in this life when we invested, learned, experienced and prepared. 

Our past tells us a lot about our future. When you look back you might just deduce that the future is bright. Brightly filled with the preparation of your past.