How can we tap into our primal capabilities that are with us from the start of our lives? How can we allow them to guide us and structure our experiences with ourselves and others?

How can we empower their subtlety and nuance to enable us to live a life connected to those deep parts of us that just simply 'know'.   

Startle: Flight/flight/freeze has its place. Our guts being wrenched are a guide. Not great to be in a startle position for long - it's designed for a moment - but it should wake us up - keep us connected to the moment and support us to move forward. 

Object focus: The ability to make out objects, patterns and perceive depth. Take a scan of an environment and build quick understanding. 

Grasp: How to hold on to things that deserve our attention. Grab at the many possibilities in front of us. How to learn to hold on tight even when we are scared to keep doing so.

Let go: The ability to let go. To let be. To 'unhold' those things we have deemed not connected to our future. To rest in nothing - when nothing is called for. To honour other people's choices as much as we honour our own. 

Swim: When you throw a new born into water they miraculously swim. So will you, in the sea of the life you create and form for yourself. Even if you have whipped up rough seas (or allowed them to persist). Even if you have asked for a gentler journey and calmed the raging storm. When you leap you will fall in - when you fall in you will swim.