Digital Marketing

The toolkit available to digital marketers today is just as extensive as it is exhaustive. There are thousands of ways to do one thing with the plethora of applications available today on the market. The add to this the young guns are constantly adding functionality which is hard to keep track of. 

1. Ensure you have a true single source of truth before embarking on a communications/marketing automation journey

2. Select automation platforms which tie into your single source of truth whilst connecting features/functionality with your key objectives for automation

3. Spend time and money on 'thinking time' or in other words a strategic plan - Don't over cook this process as most people do. If an agency is telling you they need 2 weeks for planning and strategy decline their support. You need a grassroots strategy that will simply get you started within the toolbox of your choice. You want to

4. Aim for sustainability and allow room for proof of concepts, prototypes, simple automation and slow growth in knowledge first in order to support experiential learning for your team - otherwise you will be forever constrained by the reliance on outside agencies or consultants. Once you have proved its value for your business you can look at hiring part-time or full-time resources to curate and manage what could become an incredibly essential digital platform to your business - essential here means profitable/valuable/mandatory.

There is much more to say on this topic so keep posted for more soon.