I get asked every now and then 'How did you get the balls to go out on your own?' They seem to be asking how can I prepare the way for myself...

Simply put for me it was the people I surrounded myself with - they supported me to understand myself, they encouraged me to take calculated risks and they supported my mind, body and soul.

1. Make lots of vibrant and caring connections with the people around you: A lot of people throughout my time in some of the largest corporations would endlessly network and meet people for 20 minute coffees. This was great in a season to get a broad base of support and to get known throughout complex matrix like structures these types of companies have become.

At some point though you need to stop. STOP and go deeper with the people you have met. Deeper means starting to do something with them actively. Start working on the charity project, go and lead the Grad group, stand up and lead the diversity group for LGBTIQ (even if you are just an ally), make and keep plans outside of work hours and get deeper into where people came from and where they are headed. 

It has been my experience that these deeper relationships have not only caused considerable personal change within myself but these relationships keep circling back on themselves contributing what I hope is an endless process of mutual support and encouragement. 

2. Seek out people who can be members of your coaching team and cheer squad (even if you have to pay someone): Out of all these deep connections you foster and co-create define in your mind your key coaches and focus on their support. You know the type that don't tell you what you 'should' be doing or how to do things they assist and support you to find your own answers. This way you can find your own truth. My key coaches are some of my greatest friends.

Collate these people they are precious. Then even more powerfully go out and seek a coach you can pay for. They bolster this team of coaches and cheerleaders by supporting you to refine, define and activate from a very neutral space. 

Over a 16 week period from being fully employed to setting up my own business I sat with a paid coach weekly. I chipped away, renovated, re mapped, re defined, re positioned and activated a space for me to work from my strengths to start playing an infinite game of possibility in my work.

3. Keep your loved ones close: Throughout these exiting moments in life and especially in personal pursuits like becoming an entrepreneur you can easily forget the love and support you get from your loved ones and family.

As ideas swirled and reality checks were required there is NOTHING quite like having a cup of tea with Mum and Dad to clarify your thinking. When the swell of fear and doubt becomes lodged in your throat the ability to reach out for a hug or a simple 'It's all going to be ok' is often the perfect remedy.

Your family. Your tribe. However created needs to be embraced. If you are driving at an initiative which often times is solitary in nature don't forget the ones you love.