Tipping Point

Welcome to a new tipping point.

The Renaissance was an era of making old things new again. Ancient Greek writings were discovered to spur an age of revitalisation across a span of 300 years. It is interesting to note that the Renaissance was led by connecting art and commerce in such a way that decoded previous advances in other worlds into the west's way of thinking and living. 

We all know that the modern age has quickened pace a great deal. Technological advances that in the past took 100's of years now take 6 months to develop, mature and become mass market fodder. 

I believe we are entering a tipping point where drastic new advances to devices, cloud computing and the fabric of our Western societies will remain mostly unchanged. Major advances in technology and our thinking will subside. Break throughs will be on the edges and contribute to incremental changes to exisiting structures. 

Here is where things get interesting. In this space of normalisation we will see interesting things emerge where old things become new again. 

I am seeing this in organisation design. strategic thinking and personal development. I am also seeing this in how we combine things of the past into ideas of the future. Not JUST ideas but practical application to create innovative devices, connections and societal experiences. 

Example 1: AltMBA - Seth Godin's revolutionary MBA program new take on what an MBA could look like in 2016. Full of possibility and play it is structured around a TON of information coming being sucked in and 4 weeks of sprints to ship, deliver and contribute change. In fact Seth has built a program around many years of thinking about what personal, organisational and world change looks like. He is marinating his students in thinking from across the last 30+ years using innovative platforms which include: Slack, Disqus and Wordpress. Old things - New again.  

I am incredibly fortunate to be in the first cohort for 2016 starting MONDAY! - Beyond excited. 

Example 2: I have spoken about Google Cardboard before. Combining folded cardboard, glass lenses and my mobile phone I can immerse myself in new worlds. Connect with aspects of life here on Earth and beyond in new ways. We take commodities of cardboard, glass and mobile device and combine them with software and smarts that power an experience like none other. Old things - New again.

We are moving from a period of rapid discovery of new platforms, new devices and new ways of connecting to a period of rapid re-connection and re-creating by linking things of the past to create change through innovation.

I wonder what else is out there for discovery from Old to New. Lets get to it.