A couple of Laws...

Here are a couple of Laws I have come to know as true:

  1. The Law of Balance: A pendulum swings one way and must swing back the other way. Hardwork/rest, partying/quiet time, disconnection/connection, couch/run you know the drill.
  2. The Law of Choices: Everyone has choices. You have choices about choices. You can choose not to choose or you can choose to choose. No matter how limited you think you are in any situation you have a choice.
  3. The Law of Process: An ambition is achieved one step after another. Everything is a process.
  4. The Law of Presence: Be here in this moment. Not sad of the past or fearful of the future. Be in the moment. Life is a wonderful, beautiful ever flowing journey of moments – rest in each one.
  5. The Law of Compassion: Compassion for yourself and others. The ability to fully realise every single person is doing their best. Respect others genius as you do your own.
  6. The Law of Faith: Trust the good within the mystery which surrounds. Never seriously, but with play and possibility in heart and mind.
  7. The Law of Expectation: Energy follows thought. Expand expectations and realities change before you. This isn’t magic – it is realignment cell by cell to a possible future.
  8. The Law of Integrity: Don’t lie. Don’t falsify. Be authentic. Connect, nurture and give life to your central self.
  9. The Law of Action: Do. SHIP. Get it done. Start. Begin. Finish!
  10. The Law of Cycles: Our Universe and all in it moves with patterns, rhythms and cycles – day/night, winter/summer, hightide/lowtide. To everything there is a season, and a time to every purpose under the heaven.
  11. The Law of Surrender: “Some think it’s holding on that makes one strong; sometimes it’s letting go” – Sylvia Robinson.
  12. The Law of Unity: We are all one. We are all connected and are part of a global tribe. Have compassion. Be a nice person. Care for others. Do good in the world.

Thanks to Dan Millman - The Laws of Spirit