Not Gifts. Habits.

You always hear people around our western lives saying wow you have a Gift for that! You are just simply Gifted!!! How do you do what you do? What do you mean you have gone out on your own to change how organisations use technology? It is a GIFT!

I think this way of talking helps reassure the person labelling things as being Gifted. The source of success is then from up high, via DNA or other circumstance not bloody hard work. 

Having the privilege of being surrounded by many many "Gifted" people both professionally and personally I can see underneath at the core they don't have Gifts. They have habits. 

Habits to change ones life. A habit of being self aware. A habit of turning up to listen, write, speak and question.

Imagine if we all became self aware of the habits that align to the change we seek within ourselves and the world?

Imagine if we stopped celebrating false Gods and embraced our own ingenuity and ability for success by putting one sure foot in front of another?