Process: Draw, Discuss and Document

My process is to DRAW, DISCUSS and DOCUMENT. 

DRAW: I draw out the discussion. I draw out the conversation. I draw the thinking we co create together. This gives us a sense of the world. I pick up pen and paper to draft what we are seeing together and maybe even give you the pen to start jotting your thoughts down. 

This tactile start to things gets the juices flowing. We co created real world things that are ink on paper. We start to build something 'real'. 

DISCUSS: After a moment of creation we discuss. We check to see if what we created is realistic. We check to see if our world view could be changed through a dialouge. We look at it from different perspectives. We allow others perspectives to come and change our view of the project, the future and the change. We create a vision for what this change will look like - what will it create? what will it prevent? what will it enable?

This dialouge iterates the initial ideas. We co create through our spoken words spontaneous thoughts which are ready for capture. We start to build something that evolves.

DOCUMENT: I then document our drawings and document our words. Consolidating them into a co-created version of our time together. Collapsing similar ideas into each other to provide a single source of truth for what we built. Giving clarity to complex ideas via pictures, maps and bullet points. 

Enabling a single source for anyone to access our ideas. Our version of the future. The impact WE want to make. The change.