Get one rock out of the way and then tackle the next BIG rock in the teams way. Don't try to tackle the dozen or so rocks that are all "urgent". What is the first big rock in your way that is "important"?

I learnt this important lesson from a client last week.

Too many times I see organisations trying to tackle multiple major projects at the same time. Often times this happens when the project team and other staff members that need to adopt the change intended are already at or over capacity. 

The goal and objective may be set to tackle the top three to four big rocks at a time but time and time again I see either these two things happening 1. Only one rock gets moved (innovation occurs, changes happen and change is made) 2. Three rocks get half pulverized and set aside for a clean up job some time down the road (A botch job is made on three projects - all half assed and not ready for prime time - the road gets rocky)