Framework for Teaming


A few key features of effective team work include the following ingredients: 

  1. Strategy: A high level view of direction
  2. Defined goals and objectives: Clear timeframes for delivery
  3. Diverse teams: Diversity of expertise and strengths
  4. Plain speaking: Honest, robust and 'clarity inducing' conversations

Some of my thoughts of effective teaming:

  • Co-build the framework of your work together collaboratively
  • Use the teams own words within the framework you build - Each member describes a unique perspective embed their language into a group dialogue
  • When questions arise about scope of thinking, writing or discussion - point towards the framework to focus on what matters in order to deliver
  • Create a space that everyone has equal room for participation within the framework
  • If something is not understood or a change is required STOP WORK! Allow the group to explore - evolve the Framework if needed - then ask 'Have we got it right?'
  • Create a sense of play and possibility to discover things outside that might push the boundaries the team has created for itself - support research, exploration and discovery that will help deliver the teams outcomes