Team Work

Here are some small ideas around effective teamwork which I will use to cook up into a bigger idea later on:

- Trust the process of team work: No matter how the team was formed trust the individual strengths within the team you work. Lean back into knowing they come with a life of learning, perspectives and inspiration you don't have

- Focus on Strengths: I introduce the StrengthsFinder Strengths test into my clients to get all of our Top 5 strengths on the table. Focusing on each team members strengths gives us all permission to focus on drawing out each others strengths. We have a clear idea of what we contribute from our strengths signature and we are then empowered to turn to our team members to draw out and leverage their strengths

- Brainwrite then Brainstorm: Loud mouths, strong opinions and polite arguments tend to squash wide thinking. Wide thinking is the type of thinking that re frames problems and opportunities it is creative thinking at its best taking in as much of the context and inspiration as possible. Brainwriting allows the team to collect and document their thoughts first THEN have them tested through discussion with the group. Brainstorming alone involves verbalising ideas in real time and having them judged sometimes even before you have finished your sentence! is the best tool for this process

- Reflection: Ensure you build reflection into your project team planning. Reflect often on progress, communication and progress on achieving collective goals. When you have shipped your project look back and brainwrite about what could be improved for next time then brainstorm these ideas into a short list of achievable actions