What is the cost of thinking?


I find myself asking: What is the cost of NOT thinking?

There are two extremes 1. Spending too much money on thinking 2. Spending not enough money on thinking. 

1. Too much money: You can tell this occurs when a potential business partner or consultant asks you to book out a week or two for "scoping". You can tell when this is unfolding when the fee to 'think' outweighs the cost of implementation. You can tell when this is happening when you pay to find out how much it is you really have to pay. 

2. Not enough money: You can tell when this has happened when there has not been any credible change. You can see this has taken place when your business is still broken. You can see this has gone on when you have low adoption. You can see this has happened when you aren't as fast as you had planned. You can see that this is happening when the things brought in to save money, increase speed and grow revenue are working against you.

There is an optimum space right bang in the middle of spending too much money and not spending enough - go find it.

You have all the information you need. Ask your team. Get advice from many sources.

If you happen to seek out a consultant ask her how her agreements work - are they time bound or open ended? Is your helper attune to working iteratively and being flexible to short term and long term thinking at the same time? Can they act now on the urgent stuff and take time on the longer term strategic pieces?

You will find your way - trust your gut.