Cost first?

I am brought into clients because things aren't going swimmingly.

There is an issue between where my clients want to be and where they find themselves. Generally this is because of lack of investment in the right things at the right time - these things could be people, technology or strategic thinking. 

Because of problems of the past it is always hard for me to position spending money on my time OR spending money on the solutions we co-create to activate change in the organisation. 

Fear holds us back and which generates a cost first discussion: 

What will happen if we don't spend and we remain broken?

What will happen if we do nothing and keep losing customers?

What will happen if we go low cost and prevent future revenue?

What happens if we do invest here, here and here and things change?

I love to document on 1 slide "Why are we changing?" to ensure that these cost first discussions are balanced with what the problems and opportunities we are changing for.