Problems and Opportunities

There are two approaches to solving problems and capitalising on opportunities:

1. A starting point in technology: Feature and function first to connect to problems and opportunities.

2. A starting point at 12,000 feet: Building a holistic strategy of ambitions, collective goals and high level maps of people, processes and technology.

Two people 1. Mapping features, functions and capability required by your team 2. Someone guiding a holistic vision, purpose together with a list of collective ambitions. These people should meet in the middle and bring their world view to decision makers. 

In this dynamic you will have a foundation of strategic planning together with the best minds picking apart the crazy array of choices pf technology your business has in front of it.

The strategic thinker is looking for connections between both the problems and opportunities. The techno thinker is mapping realistic features and functions of known platforms to problems and opportunities. 

The strategic thinker pushes the boundaries of known platforms by surfacing bold, ambitious and valuable requirements forcing the techno thinker to push back on vendors, search for alternatives and or explore home grown development.

The strategic thinker maintains a space of possibility whilst the techno thinker grounds the delivery to what is possible.