An ambition defined...

I want to redefine the meaning of the word ambition for my future projects. 

I have always struggled when talking to clients about goals and objectives. Almost as if when we write finite goals and objectives down we are kind of lying to each other.

Drafting a goal and objective within a fast moving, dynamic and flexible context is troublesome. Often times organisations are evolving and changing so rapidly that changes are occurring monthly, weekly and sometimes even hourly! Technology also re sets the context in and of itself for example; the new visibility a single source of the truth provides re establishes organisational norms, behaviours and objectives shattering pre conceived ideas of what is happening or what is about to happen in the future. 

Goals and objectives are written for the context in which they were written in - what then for the poor goal written in an old context?

To combat this I set up zones of thinking or zones of focus adapted to the organisations structure, resources, direction and strategy. Within these zones key ambitions are constructed that drive focus and impact priorities.

Ambition is defined as: An objective with heart with both qualitative and quantitate elements combined. 

"We want to rebuild the foundation of our technology platform by April".

"Incentive our sales team so they can be rewarded for doing the best work of their lives for the next full financial year".

"Protect our customer base through personalised, relevant and custom email communication by April".

You MUST have all three things to make the cut as an ambition in my project planning documentation. It has to have a drive of purpose whilst connected to what the humans involved want to see change.

Ambitions because of their 'heart' and 'human' element are anchored to more sustainable ideas and objectives that have found their way into the very fabric of the organisation via the people who are passionately committed to the organisations success. 

If in the guts of an objective is a human pursuit rather than a mechanical one for temporary gain the objective becomes sustainable. The human element of heart ensures any objectives aligned with both qualitative and quantitative tests survive.

I can't wait to see these formative ideas shape up with all of my clients in the coming months.