App Exchange Top Picks 2015

Here at Cohen Handler we have built a robust single source of truth on the Salesforce Platform. We are driving the entire life cycle of our customer through the platform which has enhanced our ability to serve our customers and visualise our business.

We understand where our customers are at in their unique buying cycle so we can launch multiple services for each customer and activate customer advocates to gain referral and repeat business.

We would not be able to achieve all of the above without using the following top picks from the Salesforce AppExchange: 

1. Pardot: No matter where the client is in their buying cycle Pardot tracks their activity on websites and emails and injects this information into Salesforce so we can automate processes and know more about our customers needs. 

TIP: Don't buy Pardot just for top of the funnel lead acquisition. Buy Pardot to automate communication at every stage of your customers lifecycle. Get visibility on your customers behaviour and influence your teams behaviour by automating tasks and follow up at defining moments. 

2. InsightSquared: Wow! This has been the biggest surprise. What an amazing analytics engine that soaks up everything on the Salesforce Platform and makes sense of it all. Predictive intelligence, automated insights into specific deals and a beautiful way to track the entire health of your business. 

TIP: InsightSquared comes pre-configured with very minimal set up required - any configuration is completed by an incredibly intelligent and responsive customer success team.

3. DocuSign: Sending out contractual agreements in 20 seconds has sped up our ability to get our customers the information they need to make a decision to work with us. 

TIP: Help the people who use Salesforce everyday by making the DocuSign process invisible. Build a custom button that completes all the actions automatically to get the contract out seamlessly. 

4. GetFeedback: Super charge your ability to build customer advocates for referral and repeat business by asking them if they liked your service. Embed this customer satisfaction data right on a Salesforce record for dashboarding or automation. 

TIP: Keep your customer satisfaction surveys to no more than 2 questions to get a high response rate. Ask additional questions based on set criteria using GetFeedback's logic engine. 

5. Litmos: Learning management fully integrated into the Salesforce Platform. I refuse to create silos of information and learning management should be embedded into the single source of truth. With Litmos you have a best in class LMS (Learning Management Solution) together with the ability to give access within a Salesforce tab all the course content you can dream up and build.

TIP: Re label the Litmos tab to be unique for your business here at Cohen Handler we called ours the "Cohen Handler University".

6. WalkMe: People learn in many different ways. We empower our employees with group training sessions, 1:1 training, the Cohen Handler University for online training and now with WalkMe we have in context walk thrus for each of our major business processes. Pop up balloons guide our users through complex tasks which has increased adoption by over 300%. 

TIP: WalkMe can seem daunting at first however once you work out the basics you can build walk thrus for every one of your processes. Build a list of the most important processes in Salesforce and start ticking them off one by one.

So these are my top picks for 2015! 

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