A World First?

Am I the world's first Technology Engagement Manager? Well maybe not. But in my work with hundreds of small and medium businesses I have never seen such a role focused on people and technology.

Technology Engagement Manager: Role Description

What will follow in the next few weeks is a series of posts about my experiences and some tips on how you can improve the way your customers, employees and business partners reach their goals and objectives whilst you meet yours!

Throughout my time at Salesforce.com I noticed a big disconnect between the world's very best technology and the people that use it every day.

I am not talking about the the tech buff in the office or business owners that love technology because it allows them to track things and pay people.

No, no. The everyday user, the people who NEVER asked to become technologists.

We are now all technologists asked every day to engage through a device.

  1. My personal goals are wrapped up in how effectively I use technology
  2. Our businesses goals are wrapped up in how effectively a group of individuals use technology

Technology has moved with such speed that business has not fully realised the impact on our behaviour, our economy and therefore our organisations.

We have unlimited technology choices. Expectations from our employees and customers are sky high. All whilst our business relationships are more complex than ever before.

You can see how this amplifies things. It is now critical for businesses of all shapes and sizes to develop a plan for how their business will engage their people through technology.

So what is a Technology Engagement Manager?

  • Equal parts technology implementation, people engagement and change management
  • Massaging technology to meet individual goals whilst achieving the businesses goals and objectives
  • Reshaping business processes so they are ready to be loved
  • Bringing everyone together to contribute through technology: marketing, sales, business partners and the leadership team
When organisational goals are united with an individual's goals you have a synergy that makes businesses and the people in them incredibly successful.

When I approached Ben Handler and Simon Cohen with a job description for the "Technology Engagement Manager" I didn't truly know at the time how valid this role would be.

Ben and Simon saw the possibilities and decided to take a chance not only on a new role for their organisation but on me an untested engagement technologist.

Now four weeks into my new career as a Technology Engagement Manager I can see that this role isn't only important, but critical to Cohen Handlers' success.

Cohen Handler is an innovative company disrupting the property industry one Real Estate transaction at a time.

Our ability to engage our entire community of customers, employees and our business partners through technology is what will ensure we provide excellent customer service, remain competitive and grow sustainably.

In the next few weeks I will share what I learn as I unpack the reality of being the world's first Technology Engagement Manager :)

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