The Cerulean Group

Our business culture has replicated old 'server model' ways of developing technology for small and medium businesses. All at a time when we have access to new technology platforms that offer flexibility, agile configurability and human centeredness. 

Ring fencing technology development with a scope of work is an outdated model aimed at quarantining problems: problems which in this day and age are constantly evolving because of the dynamic nature of our technology and our digitally native people.

The Cerulean Group is a community of experts who own their own businesses and believe that when we connect together our clients access our collective thinking, only pay for the expertise they need and we stay lean to reduce the cost of change for our clients.

The Cerulean Group is generously committed to creating change through technology. We are inspired by enhancing connections between people, processes and technology.

We love seeing businesses achieve. We increase a business’ understanding of themselves and their community to create credible and lasting change.

  • We keep our overheads down so change doesn’t cost as much as it will return in profit
  • We are experts in our fields so you have the right expert at the right time
  • We solve problems human to human

The Cerulean Group was founded to change the way people access change through technology. 

The Cerulean Group and its community of freelancers can support clients with a range of services focused on the strategic activation of technology. Connecting the right person, to the right information, in the right place at the right time.

A human first way of thinking about technology.

  • Technology Engagement: Map the future of technology in your business in the context of your employees, customers and business partners. Understand what achievement looks like and implement the right technology to achieve integrated goals and objectives.
  • Salesforce Health Check: A complete health check of an existing Salesforce implementation. Achieve the vision you initially set out for the Salesforce Platform. See a clear path to a credible return on investment of your Salesforce licences. Connect your people to productive processes in Salesforce.
  • Salesforce Quick Starts: Kick start your journey with the Salesforce Platform focusing on business critical processes that drive revenue and increase efficiency. All whilst not neglecting the bigger picture. Build a holistic strategy that you can execute piece by piece.
  • Training and Technology Coaching: Actively train your team on how to interact with technology. In groups, online or in 1:1 coaching. Cover the essentials of the Salesforce Platform with a focus on end to end processes using standard, custom and AppExchange applications. Teach end to end processes. Produce training assets to create repeatable learning experiences.
  • Salesforce Platform Administration: Sales Cloud and Pardot implementation and administration services. Connect Pardot and Sales Cloud together and administrate the layers of sharing settings, records, relationships, reports, dashboards, workflows, processes and automation. 

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