Andrew Sloan
Andrew Sloan

Therapist, Strengths Coach & Trainer

Andrew is known for his ability to have bullshit free conversations about things that are ready for change.

We know change is needed because complexity and uncertainty surround us and we are disconnected from what we really care about.

People who work with Andrew already have a hunch that the only way we change is when we take personal ownership of what happens next.

Andrew is therapist, strengths coach and trainer to individuals and teams helping people to upgrade themselves for our ever faster future. 

Support for Teams

Support for Individuals

Andrew believes when we focus on our own story and not someone else’s, we can live a life connected to our uniqueness and focused on what we care about.

In time we will spend less energy on anxiety, depression and the choices of others and more time on what we do best, what connects us to value and our own choices.

Andrew believes that teams must upgrade themselves for their faster future so they can handle the challenges they are facing today.

Teams that feel disengaged, disconnected and don’t know themselves won’t be able to take ownership and survive 2020 and beyond.

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